Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Catholic News Rubbish

I just stumbled into CathNewsUSA, a news aggregation site that is, at best, questionably Catholic. On the front page, two articles caught my attention, both of which link back to another site called GlobalPost. From here, the top three articles I found had the following titles.
  • A New Inquisition: The Vatican targets US nuns
  • Bishops investigating US nuns have poor records on sex abuse cases
  • Theologian Hans Küng condemns pope's modern 'Inquisition'
Seriously? Nice objective news source. The first article describes how heretical nuns are being burned at the stake by an evil, all-male hierarchy. The second article, I have to admit, I didn't even read. Isn't the title enough? I'll assume that it describes an evil, all-male hierarchy burning heretical nuns at the stake. The third article in this diverse (not!) collection describes the wonderful, perfect Hans Küng and his regurgitated (and heretical) opinions about an evil, all-male hierarchy burning heretical nuns at the stake.

Thanks be to God for news sources that actually present facts without trying to make me hate my Church in favor of heretical nuns. Thanks be to God also for sites like The Catholic World Report, where most of the authors have actually read the documents of the Second Vatican Council instead of just promoting some vague, undefined "Spirit of Vatican II."

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