Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Re-entering the Blogosphere

I've blogged for years. Well, okay, I've blogged once in awhile, for years. Being a self-proclaimed technocrat, I favored hosting my own domain and using more powerful software platforms than what is freely offered by Google/Blogger. But in my blogging, I tried to be what I thought others wanted. Subconsciously I hoped that some segment of the Internet-dwelling world would find me to be quick witted, or unusually astute. My goal, I think, was some sort of glory. My blog personality, like my real personality, was artificial. So I stepped away from blogging for a couple of years to personally grow and heal, and to restore the relationships that matter most to me.

This time around I'm blogging for myself. I'm a generalist. I'm a working-class guy with a lot of different interests, one of which is writing. History is filled with phenomenal masters of prose, and there is much good writing to be found on the Internet today – along with a lot of poorly written poo-poo. Being a generalist, with very little formal education in writing, I'm in the middle of the pack, for sure. But expressing one's thoughts, ideas, emotions, and opinions through the written word (without using phrases such as LOL, j/k, or HAHAHAH!) is becoming a lost art, and while my meager efforts aren't likely to create much change for the world, these efforts are sure to change me.

Clearly this blog is a selfish endeavor, if improving one's ability to communicate is selfish. While I don't endorse selfishness, I do endorse improvement. Writing is a tool of great value to the generalist.

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